5 Easy Steps to Install a Budget Wall Mounted Air Conditioner: A Beginner’s Guide

5 Easy Steps to Install a Budget Wall Mounted Air Conditioner: A Beginner’s Guide

5 Easy Steps to Install a Budget Wall Mounted Air Conditioner: A Beginner’s Guide

Summer is just around the corner, and having a reliable air conditioning system is crucial to getting through those hot days. While portable air conditioning units are convenient, wall mounted air conditioners provide a complete and permanent cooling solution for your home. Their sleek design and easy installation make them an attractive option for homeowners. Plus, they’re more energy-efficient than portable units. Don’t worry if you have little handy experience – we have your back! In this blog post, you will learn how to install a budget wall mounted air conditioner in just five easy steps.

1. Select your ideal wall mounted air conditioner

Begin by researching different brands and models of wall mounted air conditioners. Look for budget options that provide a good mix of energy efficiency, quiet operation, and easy installation. Many renovation companies near me recommend brands such as Midea, Haier, and TCL as the best options for homeowners on a tight budget.

2. Choose the appropriate location for your air conditioner

When choosing the location for installation, consider the room size, the layout, and the most efficient cooling flow. Make sure you have a power outlet nearby and that the outside wall has space for the outdoor unit. Avoid installing your air conditioner in a spot that receives direct sunlight or is close to existing heat sources.

3. Gather your tools and materials

Installing a wall mounted air conditioner requires a few basic tools, including a level, measuring tape, a pencil, a drill, a hole saw or jigsaw, and screws. You will also need a wall mounting plate, wall anchors, and an outdoor mounting bracket (typically included with the air conditioner).

4. Install the wall mounting plate and indoor unit

Use the level and measuring tape to mark the area where the mounting plate will be installed on the wall. Drill holes for the anchors and secure the mounting plate with screws. Route the necessary electrical and refrigerant lines through a hole in the wall, and then follow the manufacturer’s instructions to connect these cables to the indoor unit. Attach the indoor unit to the mounting plate and confirm that it’s securely fastened.

5. Install the outdoor unit

Attach the outdoor mounting bracket to the exterior wall, making sure it’s level and secure. Connect the electrical, refrigerant, and condensate lines to the outdoor unit according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, mount the outdoor unit on the bracket, double-checking that everything is securely in place.

Well done! You’ve just installed a budget wall mounted air conditioner in your home without breaking the bank. Now, you can enjoy a comfortable and cool environment during those hot summer days. As a bonus tip and to make your home more efficient, you may also research the cost to install a sprinkler system in your garden to save water and money in the long run. Remember, at Duncan’s Daily Tips, we’re here to guide you through your home improvement journey and share our wealth of knowledge with you.